Speciality Paints, Wall Putty, Plaster, Tile Adhesives, Grouting for gypsum plasterboard, Glue and Reinforcing compounds for thermal insulation systems, Joint and other fillers, Bituminous products, PU and epoxy resin floor coverings, screeds/ floor pavements, Etc

Cellulose fiber for construction easily dispersed in the insulation materials and form three-dimensional structure. It can absorb 5-8 times its own weight of water, which can improve the workability of the material properties; its size stability and the thermal stability have good thermal insulation and anti-crack in the insulation materials; It can improve surface strength of insulation materials, adhesive strength and uniformity of material strength.

Main Functions:

1. Improving vertical resistance;
2. Improving anti – cracking property;
3. Improving impermeability;
4. Enhancing impact resistance and abrasion resistance;
5. Improving frost resistance and flexibility;
6. Enhancing the durability of cement;
7. Improving the quality of concrete products.

NBE Construction Additives


  • Insulation mortar grassroot
  • Cement-based plaster mortar
  • Self-flowing level ground material
  • Tile grouts
  • Gypsum substrate plaster mortar and gypsum products
  • Wall surface layer of mortar
  • Impermeable crack concrete
  • Tile adhesive
  • Masonry mortar
  • Used for spraying concrete
  • Used in paint coating and asphalt material


  • Insulation mortar: 4 – 5kg/ton
  • Tile adhesive: 3 – 5kg/ton
  • Masonry mortar; 5 – 6 kg/ton
  • Caulking agent: 3 – 5 kg/ton
  • Exterior wall putty: 3 – 4 kg/ton
  • Wall plaster: 2 – 4 kg/ton