Alpha-lactose monohydrate and microcrystalline cellulose were co-spray-dried, creating a mono particulate system having two compaction mechanisms, brittle fracture and plastic deformation, within individual particles.

By combining both excipients, spray-drying was used in order to bring Lactose and Microcrystalline cellulose together. As a result a co-processed excipient was achieved that provides capability for direct compression, due to given Flowability and compactibility, making it suitable for both low dosage and high dosage formulations.

microcrystalline cellulose in tablets
  • Increased compactibility and powder flow
  • Improved Flowability and compaction properties
  • Improved content uniformity.
  • Increase tablet hardness
  • Functional excipients used in oral solid dosage forms
  • May be used in dry granulation and capsule filling
  • Suitable for both Low dose and High dose formulations
  • A Hausner ratio below 1.25 or Carr’s index below 20 indicates that powders are freely flowing.
  • Excellent flow properties create the shear necessary to disperse API
  • Ideal for low-dose formulations where API content uniformity is critical.
  • Ideal tablet surface for straight forward and economical coating

Unique Features of SANCEL

  • Angle of Repose

  • Customized Bulk Density

  • Low Moisture

  • Excellent Flowability

  • Better Compressibility