Powdered cellulose occurs as a white or almost white, odorless and tasteless powder of various particle sizes, ranging from a free flowing fine or granular dense powder, to a coarse, fluffy, non-flowing material.

The cellulose powder is a good conductor of heat and electricity and hence, the various grades of cellulose powder are used in the production of welding electrodes and many other applications including food, detergents, etc. The cellulose powder is rich in its content with the international quality and thus exhibits unquestionable performance.

  • Keeps the digestive system healthy
  • Helps in managing blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • It can help with weight management
  • Powdered cellulose is widely used in cosmetic products as an adsorbent and thickening agent.
  • Improves textures and yield
  • Control moisture levels
  • It is also used in Food products for eg; Bakery, Fluids, Dairy, etc.
  • Non caloric bulking agent
  • Increased water binding
  • Yield improvement
Compendium Standards B.P. U.S.P. – N.F.
Description A White or almost White, fine or granular powder. A White or almost White, fine or granular powder, Odorless
Conductivity, μS/cm NMT Water by 75
pH 5.0 – 7.5 5.0 – 7.5
Heavy Metals, PPM NMT 10 NMT 10
Loss on drying, % NMT 6.5 NMT 6.5
Residue on Ignition, % NMT 0.3 NMT 0.3
Water Soluble Substances % NMT 1.5 NMT 1.5
Ether Soluble Substances % NMT 0.15 NMT 0.15
Particle size :
   wt. retained on 60 mesh NMT 08 NMT 08
   wt. retained on 200 mesh NLT 45 NLT 45
Bulk density, g/ml 0.25 to 0.45 0.25 to 0.45
Packaging Details

Available Packaging Type

Type Size
HDPE Bags 25 Kg
HDPE Bags 20 Kg
Paper Bags 25 Kg
Paper Bags 20 Kg
FIBC 300 Kg

*Our standard packaging is in 25 kg Bags. We can also customize packaging as per customers request at additional cost.

Container Palletized Non-Palletized
20 Ft. (Approx Wt.) 10,000 Kg 12,000 Kg
40 Ft. (Approx Wt.) 20,000 Kg 24,000 Kg

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